(A) project consultation and demonstration services. According to the Central Area of Yunnan work arrangements or commissioned by the Central Area of Yunnan departments, in the negotiation stage to be introduced into the Central Area of Yunnan of major investment projects for consultation and consultation for the Central Area of Yunnan leaders and commissioned departments to make reference; according to investor demand, to provide major construction projects consulting and consultation services.

(B) project progress tracking service. In accordance with the Central Area of Yunnan investment process or investment in the construction of the project workflow, after the signing of investment projects, the project to the completion of the completion of the process of acceptance of the need for services to track the service, to grasp the progress of the project, and investors feedback difficult problems Contact the relevant departments to solve the time limit.

(C) project approval guidance service. In accordance with the project approval process, to guide investors to handle the administrative examination and approval matters involved, as well as power supply, water supply, gas supply, fire, drainage, communications, network and other public services. In the process of project approval, the need for intermediary services, and promote the center recommended with the appropriate qualifications of the intermediary service agencies, investors choose their own.

       Yunnan International Agricultural Products Trading Center planning total land area of 2.33 square kilometers, together 3500 acres. Divided into two parts of the north and south, the northern block area east to Xiaojiang fault zone, south of Yunnan International Trade Expo Center, west of 213 National Road, north to Yunnan International Fact Sheets, Longyuan Airport is located in the block. South of the block to the east of the Xiaojiang fault zone, south of 110KV, 500KV, 800KV high pressure corridor, west of 213 National Road, north of Yunnan International Flower Trade Center. Project based in Yunnan, facing the country, radiation South Asia and Southeast Asia neighboring countries, built to Yunnan characteristics of agricultural products as the basis of regional large-scale agricultural products trading center, boosting the characteristics of agriculture in Yunnan to accelerate development.

(A) Consultation process

1. To accept the task of consultation. According to the new district work arrangements or project investors commissioned, the investment center to receive the commission of the project to review the project to be clear the basic circumstances of the project can be submitted to the project proposal, feasibility study report and other materials for demonstration, consultation costs have been implemented , Ready to proceed with the demonstration work.

2. Organization of consultation and consultation meeting. According to the project situation, the investment promotion center collects the consultation and consultation information, invites the relevant units of the new district and the industry experts to participate in the consultation and demonstration, and collects the project to introduce and review the provided materials, demonstrate the project feasibility, demonstrate the status and prospects of the project To carry out the consultation, the project own risk analysis, the project implementation of specific suggestions.

3. Form a consultation argument. (1) New Economic Development Department: focus on whether the project is in line with the relevant investment policy, whether it belongs to the new district to encourage (allow) the introduction of the type of industry, the implementation of the project with the country, I, the Ministry of Economic Development, (2) the new district planning and construction management department: focus on reviewing the project site selection is consistent with the new district overall and industrial planning, land use planning and construction programs, etc. are in line with the project and the implementation of the project, (4) New District Environmental Protection Bureau: focus on the review whether the project is a major ecological status of the land use of the land; Environmental impact factors, the proposed environmental protection measures are reasonable, whether to meet the relevant provisions; (5) New Water Authority: focus on review of project water and soil conservation program is in line with the relevant provisions.

Consulting experts according to their own business expertise and consultation needs, by listening to the project side to introduce and review the submitted materials, the expert group advice and suggestions.

4. Prepare a consultation report. According to the opinions of the expert group and the relevant units of the new district, it is drafted by the Investment Promotion Center to formulate the consultation and consultation report, form the final consultation result, and report on the decision of the new district leaders and the entrusting units.

    July 22, 2015, Yunnan People's Office issued the "Yunnan Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Office on the adjustment of the minimum wage notice", the Yunnan Province, one, two, three types of monthly minimum wage from 1420 yuan , 1270 yuan, 1070 yuan adjusted to: 1570 yuan, 1,400 yuan, 1180 yuan, respectively, an increase of 10.56%, 10.24% and 10.28%; one, two, three types of regional minimum wage from 12 yuan, 11 yuan, 10 yuan Adjusted to: 14 yuan, 13 yuan, 12 yuan, respectively, an increase of 16.67%, 18.18% and 20%. The adjusted minimum wage will be implemented on September 1, 2015.

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